Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Why to join Civil Defence?

What is Civil Defence?

It is the mobilisation of Civilian efforts to avoid and minimise sufferings to human beings caused either by man or nature. 

When does Civil Defence Operate? 

 It is an organisation like the Armed and paramilitary forces that never sleeps. In times of calamity it goes into action and in times of peace it is always in action such as training to learn modern tactics and practise for perfection.

Do the Civil Defence train us?
YES, the Civil Defence organisation has a full-fledged training unit both at local level and state level. They train volunteers for the:-

1. Headquarters Service
2. Training Service
3. Warden Service
4. Rescue Service
5. Control & Communications Service
6. Casualty Service
7. Welfare Service
8. Depot Service
9. Supply Service
10. Auxiliary Fire Service

Is Civil Defence vital?

To save a life or limb or at least to minimise one’s suffering easily and readily may be your own or that of a near and dear one.

Do they have ranks?

YES. Civil Defence has “Appointments and Functions” such as:
1. Chief Warden
2. Deputy Chief Warden
3. Divisional Warden
4. Deputy Divisional Warden
5. Staff Officer
6. Post Warden
7. Warden etc.

Are they paid?

YES. They are paid out of pocket allowances when called for duty or for training.

Can Students be members?

YES, Organisations having student units in schools and colleges. They are trained and become part of the Unit. The Principal or Head Master can get in touch with Mumbai Civil Defence and form a unit in their institution.

Do they have Civil Defence in Factories/ Offices?

YES, these are called “Industrial Civil Defence Units” and function on the same basis as the Corps but within the area of the Factory/Office.

Can one leave the Organisation any time?

The Doors of the Civil Defence are always open for the willing, ready and able persons to come and join us for an initial period of three years and after that either renew their membership for further periods of three years or leave.

Do we have to pay back anything when we leave?

No, there is no payback. We value the time given by you to serve the community and fellow human beings and release you with a big “Thank You”. The Civil Defence Organisation gives but does not take anything in material form.

Who can join the Civil Defence Corps?

Any Indian Citizen above the age of 15, who is willing, able and ready to help his fellow-beings in times of war or peace to minimise and avoid loss of life, limb or property. Now a days most our , colleges, offices and industries are encouraging their students, staff members and employees respectively to join the Civil Defence Corps.

How can I join Civil Defence Corps?

Apply to the following nearest Civil defence unit/office. Your application will be considered and a call sent to you. You may also contact your Civil Defence Warden in your area.